i haven't used this thing for almost a year, a lot has changed so disregard everything i wrote before this. i'm in love with my beautiful girlfriend tori. school starts in less than 3 weeks, i'm psyched..
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so im pretty sure im sick of school already..

I fucking HATE girls that have bagage..

Girls that their bfs cheat on them and yet they STILL talk to them and shit

well i guesss this is how it goes...I got my gf lilo and stitch for her bday..which is on tuesday...

but.....her ex bf came back to town and gave it to her the other night when i was at work...

so yeah that is pretty fucked and i hate his fagget ass.....

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well at school right now suppose to be typign a paper but i'm not as usual. Shits been crazy the last great grandmother just passed yesterday morning. I can't go to her funeral because of finals so that is kind of sucky. I wrecked my's alright though I guess. I've been going to this workshop type class on how to be a sucessful worker and getting a entry level job. I have an interview tonight after school. I got signed up for LVR so that should be fun in 68 days! School is out next monday, can't wait. I may be heading to garden on friday after school depending on a few things which hopefully I will be able to come. Other than that not much has gone on I guess. Have a good week everyone!
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well fuck, I haven't updated this thing in forever. But nothing too exciting has happend. I got a $270 ticket. I almost died numerous times. Been skating a lot. Dunno really nothing else really. Trying to get shit together and figured out.

You broke my heart again this time, you're fading now you crossed the line..

Well, not too much has gone on for awhile. The snow and ice has finally melted and gone, so I actually got to ride yesterday for the first time in forever. Last week Logan asked me to join his band which is mainly an old school punk influenced band. And then today Mark asked me to join his hardcore band. Who knows what will end up happening. I really like both types of music. So who knows...I need to practice a lot more. Didn't get to go see fire squad play this weekend. Raced a viper today haha, until he realized i was racing him and then he smoked me 4 cylinder ass. That about somes up my boring life.
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